The Influence of Technology in the World of Business

There is no question that technology has impacted the business world in a big way. And quite recently too.

It was just yesterday that someone told me that they order their cat food online. It is then shipped to their front porch. They don’t even go out and shop for their cat food. Cat food.

That would be unheard of just a few years ago.

The way people buying things are different. The data and information we all have access to is infinite. We truly live in a great and exciting time.



Why Accounting?


I will be graduating with an Accounting degree. Accounting offers so many opportunities that are both challenging and exciting. An Accounting major can go into taxation, audit and many industry jobs. I have chosen the Audit path.


Why does the economy need auditors?

Companies produce goods and or services that people either need or want. The consumer wants or needs these goods or services for one reason or another. In order for these businesses to flourish, they need funding. Whether they get this money from debt, issuing stock or investors, they need reliable information about their business. Auditors provide assurance that this information ( Financial Statements)  is reliable. In turn, Auditors keep the economy alive by making sure these financial statements can be relied on.


Accounting is the language of business and in my opinion, the most valuable business degree to receive. This is why I chose to study Accounting.

Business – More than Dollars and Cents

I have been wanting to do a post about this for some time now. I feel that a lot of people who do not go into business or some related business field tend to think that those going into business only think of the supposed large paychecks. Although part of that may be true, I would argue that business is more than just making money.

Companies offer products or services for peoples use. These products and services are meant to provide the customer either something they need or want. This is applicable whether the service is fixing bad brakes for a customer’s automobiles or selling them the latest and greatest laptop. These products are attractive enough to these customers that they are willing to sacrifice their own assets on their end. That is the beauty of a lot of business transactions, it is a win-win for both sides.

There are millions of business transactions that happen on a daily basis. When you stop and think about it, it is quite a beautiful thing. Two parties who are willing to help each other for each others assets, knowledge and expertise. Whether you like it or not, no matter your political views, business helps the world become a better place.

In the end, business is about people.


When I started my career at Vivint Solar I really started to pay attention to business and how it impacts the world and individuals. In 2012, Vivint Solar had less than 500 accounts. The company is now the second largest solar provider in the United States. 

 This was exciting to me, to be a part of something big, something new and something real. This is when I started to consider going into business.

I ended up beginning my education as an accounting major.

Accounting is about organizing numbers and data rather than complicated equations. 


You will see equations like this in accounting:


Instead of Equations like this in advanced math:


Be Coach-able

Have you ever entered into your boss’s office feeling nervous?

I know I have.

Don’t worry, its natural.

Chances are your boss will provide you with feedback, suggestions and ideas on how to improve.

It is key to understand that this is your superior’s job. 

I have come to find out that a boss loves having an employee who is coach-able, teachable and willing to listen to their ideas.

It is important to not defend yourself or react negatively to their ideas.

If you disagree with their idea, explain why and back yourself with some solid reasons. If you see where your boss is coming from, make sure you understand what they want you to do differently.

If you do these simple things while interacting with your superior, you will show them that you care about the company. They will see that you are willing to listen to them and that you have the desire to implement ways to improve your department.

The point is, be coach-able, let others with experience mold you and influence your decision making. They are there for a reason.