The Wheel of Time

Always give things a second try, I think I tried reading these books back in high school or junior high and I gave up.

I am so glad I picked them up again.

I kinda feel like I am discovering The Beatles again, only now its a classic fantasy series that I really enjoy.

I have read the first 5 books of this fifteen book series in like 4 months. That is pretty impressive, especially for me. Sometimes it is nice to just relax, open a book and escape into a whole different world, full of different races, politics, problems and myths.

And the world-building in this series is the best I have ever seen. I think this is what has got me hooked, and the characters.

Favorite Characters:


Mat is just a classic character and he is almost as cynical as me!

Siuan Sanche

I really like Siuan’s story and how she got stilled but still has the desire to fight back!


Min is a minor character but I think she is great! I want to see more of her!