Living in Los Angeles – Liked and Didn’t Like

I recently got back from a two and a half month trip to Los Angeles California. I was able to complete an Internship, which lead to a job offer. It was a very good experience where I was able to learn a lot, not just about my field of work, but about living in the 2nd biggest city in the United States.


The Weather

  •    The Weather in Los Angeles is perfect (no joke) . I was there in the winter and it was in the 60’s or 70’s FH pretty much everyday. It did rain a few days ( which I hear is unusual ) but that didn’t bother me that much. Another thing was the constant blue skies and sun. I love feeling the sun on me, it just makes me happier, and I was able to feel the sun quite a bit while I was there in LA. I need that Vitamin D!

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  • I come from a place where everyone is literally the same(No Joke). To be honest, it gets old after awhile. In Los Angeles, there are a ton of different kinds of people. I was able to work with people from the Philippines, Armenia, Hawaii, Mexico and Australia. It was liberating and freeing in a way.
  • Not only is there more diversity, but the overall “vibe” of LA is also liberating. It is more of a relaxed or chill vibe, it feels very non judgmental and makes me feel like I can be myself.

The Ocean 

  • I worked right by the Santa Monica Pier and I loved going to the ocean and just relaxing. Going to the ocean everyday was something I was definitely not used to!

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The Opportunities

  • There are a lot of companies in Southern California. There is a lot going on, a lot of minds at work, making the world a better place, coming up with solutions and contributing to the economy.
  • I worked in Silicon Beach and it was awesome to see all the different companies hard at work. There are a lot of opportunities in Los Angeles, and not just the opportunity to become a movie star!

The Neighborhoods

  • Los Angeles is full of a TON of different neighborhoods, and they are all different. They offer different pros and cons with different types of people. You can be a hipster in Silver Lake, a movie star in North Hollywood or raise a family in Pasadena. The options are endless!

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  • I worked with a client that was 14 miles away from where I lived. It took me 45 minutes to drive those 14 miles. It was interesting because I would put the address in my phone and it would take me on the back roads, I hardly went on freeways because they were so packed in the morning.
  • Now, yes it sucks, but I would try and be positive about the commute by listening to podcasts and music. Trying to be productive during the commute, that is a key in Los Angeles. But, ya, the traffic is annoying.

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Cost of Living

  • Rent is expensive in Los Angeles. It haunts me a bit, knowing I will potentially move there, knowing that I will have to most likely pay 2,000 or more a month for rent. At the same time, there are places that cost more ( New York or San Francisco ).


  • I was baffled by the near 40% tax rate in California. If you live anywhere in California, you will be paying a lot of taxes.

Some Sketchy Stuff

  • I admit that I did not live in the safest part of LA. I got a cheap AIRBNB just west of downtown, and though it was cheap, it was a bit sketchy. I would ride the metro most of the time and there are a lot of interesting people around the metro stops. For example, I got offered drugs once and I got asked for money several times and I saw a guy peeing in the street.


The conclusion is that Los Angeles comes with a lot of good things along with some not good things. I really enjoyed my stay there and I look forward to potentially living there for a longer period of time.




Who was Marcus Aurelius?

People often refer to people in positions of power as evil, rotten and corrupt. I know I tend to. And to be fair, this analysis has its merits. There are and were a lot of people in positions of power who were or are greedy, selfish and in a sense, terrible.

Marcus Aurelius is different. 

This man was born in A.D 121 and was the Roman Emperor for about 20 years. Raised by his Grandfather. He became the emperor of Rome kinda by accident and was arguably the most powerful person in the world in the year(sih) 160-180 AD.

During his last decade or so of life, as emperor, Marcus began to write down things. Most of these things consisted of his ideas and thoughts about the world. He explains to us how to avoid pain, how to live a good meaningful life and how to handle tragic situations. Marcus never intended these words to be published or shared. This adds to the sincerity and rawness of this book.

As I read this book, my admiration for Marcus is ever so great. Here we have an extremely powerful man but ever so humble, loving and caring for everyone around him. With all his stressors, including war, politics, death, betrayal and peer pressure, his words can be applied to anyone and everyone who are found in this world.