Why I Love Big Cities

I often times open my computer and go straight to Google Maps. I don’t know if it is my love for maps ( I grew up obsessing over Atlas’s) ¬†or the fact that I want to go on a vacation. I just find it fascinating and intriguing that I literally have the whole world to “explore” and I can do it virtually through Google Maps.

When I open Google Maps I love to look at the big cities. You know, Mexico City, Los Angeles, New York, Beijing, London and Madrid. The big ones. I look through the streets, see the big buildings, the different structures and I am left in awe.

Awe in the world we live in.

Just think of the amount of people that live on Manhattan Island, 1.26 Million people. Manhattan does not have a lot of space. Think of all the garbage these people produce in a day. Think of all the food these people have to eat in a day. Think of the diversity of these people. They all have different stories, different heritages, different ideas. All these people have jobs that they go to. Think of all the transactions that take place in this small place. All the communication that takes place.

To me, it is fascinating.

To me, a big city is a place where people who are different come together and work for the common good. Granted, cities are not perfect. Los Angeles has traffic. New York smells like urine. Paris is full of homeless people.

I am not saying that big cities are these perfect places, they aren’t.

What I am saying is that when you look around and see everything that surrounds you, the buildings, the roads, the parks. Our accomplishments are not slim. Our ideas are being executed. Our future is being written. And it motivates me.


Chicago’s skyline has always been the most intriguing to me.

Image result for Chicago skyline

I lived in Cincinnati for a year. It is such a beautiful city right on the Ohio river.

Image result for cincinnati

New York City, the city that never sleeps. I have only visited this city once. When I did, I was in awe the whole time.

Image result for new york skyline

Los Angeles is massive. This city is more horizontal in comparison to its rival vertical city, New York.

Image result for Los Angeles county pictures




The Influence of Technology in the World of Business

There is no question that technology has impacted the business world in a big way. And quite recently too.

It was just yesterday that someone told me that they order their cat food online. It is then shipped to their front porch. They don’t even go out and shop for their cat food. Cat food.

That would be unheard of just a few years ago.

The way people buying things are different. The data and information we all have access to is infinite. We truly live in a great and exciting time.